Please note that

This prophetic teaching is mine and mine alone. I am accountable to God for these prophecies and prophetic teaching. None of my friends, family, fellow church members, pastors may have the same views because the nature of the prophetic office is that prophets are not persuaded by popular and romantic and fashionable teachings, theories and fads. They are out of the box thinkers. I have found in case after case that God grants me insights which I share and no-one agrees with me, but in time, the body of Christ does come to understand the insights that God has shown me. Therefore do not blame or praise any of the people I am connected to, thinking they have the same views, or that I am merely repeating their ideas.
Prophecy must be judged. While every single prophecy I have declared has come true, and I have a 100% fulfillment rate, at some point because of human desires, prejudices, imaginations, I will be wrong. Therefore all the teachings and prophecies on all my sites are to be judged, each on its own merits. Therefore, again, those people I fellowship with and who am connected with MAY DISAGREE as they independently judge the words of this ministry.
Prophets are not super human, semi god type people. They are human. They are wired to have weaknesses alongside of their gifts. In one sense their gifts exalt them as gifted people, while at the same time their wiring humbles them the same time. You should not see prophecy as your personal guidance. You yourself must read scripture. You yourself must see Jesus in scripture and from that allow the Holy Spirit to guide your character formation and your vision for your life. You must not abuse yourself by seeing a prophecy and making prophecies the key to your peace and prosperity. You are accountable to God for seeking God and discovering his will in scripture. One day you will stand before God and you alone will be accountable for your life.
Therefore again, I am not running the lives of those around me, forcing them or manipulating them to follow my ideas. I expect those around me to study scripture and be guided by it. If any of them were to want to be guided by me i would be horrified that people can put their life into the hands of a human being instead of Jesus Christ himself, who is God. One day prophecy will cease [1 cor 13]. The Word of God will never cease.


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